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September 1, 2009

June 11, 2009

Fannie Mae Solves Upside Down Mortgage Refinance Issue



Fannie Mae has stepped in to help!


Refinancing Upside Down Mortgage has a new face and Fannie Mae is leading the charge.


They are now allowing homeowners the ability to refinance their Upside Down Home Loan  with relative ease.

I have put together some educational videos that will walk you through the steps to help you through the process of  refinancing an upside down mortgage.

Click the LINK below and I will tell you how to start the refinancing upside down mortgage process.


April 23, 2009

Upside Down Mortgage Assistance: Handling the Basics and Your Own Loan Modification

In my search for the best advice on

Upside Down Mortgages I have found many duds and scams!

Every once in a while you find an absolute GEM!

I met Steve Beede, a Real Estate Attorney in Sacramento, in late 2008.  He is a very smart man and is easy to get along with which makes it comfortable to sit down and share ideas with one another.  He had been exploring the local market and sharing his philosophy on how to properly Cope with an Upside Down Mortgage.

Since that first visit Steve Beede and I have work together to produce a bunch of information about the “right way” to handle an Upside Down Mortgage.  There are so many different scenarios and ways to go about taking care of this issue that people will become overwhelmed and even give up entirely.
I find it interesting, more times than not I will hear that “my bank just told me “NO”‘” and then the homeowner just gives up and fully understand themortgage qualifications for an upside down mortgage.

You know how many times I have been told “NO” by a bank?  THOUSANDS OF TIMES!

There is no easy solution!

There is no one size fits all answer to how to handle an Upside Down Mortgage.

The best advice I can give is to learn the basics and do most of the work yourself and don’t rely on someone else to fix your problem.  This goes for loan modification companies and any other high priced solution you will find out there.

All that said, you may still need advice or help so find someone you can trust and keep it simple!  I mean take the direction or guidance and apply it yourself.

There isn’t one person in the world outside of you who cares about your home more so you should act upon that and do the loan modification yourself.  That said, find a mentor to help you through the process.

I have put together a package with my attorney friend to help those who help themselves.

In this package you will get:

  • Rules to the new Obama Mortgage Plan

  • an outline of the basics on how to handle an upside down mortgage

  • some in depth action steps or a plan of attack

  • an overall “how to” manual for handling your own loan modification

  • forums for additional support

  • access to me for one-on-one help with your mortgage

  • a manual to help you write your hardship letter

This isn’t going to cost you thousand or even hundreds of dollars!

I kept it simple at $97

Learn more about my Upside Down Mortgage Refinance Program here

March 23, 2009

Upside Down Mortgage: The Reason Why and Opinion from the Pros!

Check out our new BLOG on

Coping with an Upside Down Mortgage:

A Legal Perspective

Mortgage Deliquencies up for the 8th Straigh Quarter

CHICAGO – The number of people who were late making their mortgage payments shot up 53 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 from the same period in 2007, according to data provided by TransUnion LLC.

The credit reporting agency said its database shows delinquencies — or the percentage of mortgage holders at least 60 days behind on payments, considered a precursor to foreclosure — jumped to 4.58 percent nationally, from 2.99 percent for the 2007 fourth quarter.

That was 16 percent above the 3.96 percent rate seen in the third quarter, TransUnion said, and marked the eighth straight quarter that deliquency rates rose.

“It’s about what we were expecting,” said Keith Carson, senior consultant in TransUnion’s financial services group. But while not unexpected, the huge jump from last year was still “alarming,” Carson said.

TransUnion, best known for its consumer credit rating data, projects delinquency rates could reach as high as 8 percent by the end of the year. The company isn’t predicting that the climate will improve until the middle of 2010.

The states that have shown the highest delinquency and foreclosure rates remain the same. Florida is on top, with a 9.52 percent rate for the fourth quarter, while Nevada is second with 9.01 percent. Arizona came in at 6.93 percent and California right behind at 6.88 percent. Carson said there is a glut of homes in those states, which is combining with increasing economic woes and declining home values to keep the rates high.

North Dakota, at 1.21 percent, remains the state with the lowest delinquency rate.

The figures are culled from TransUnion Trend Data, which consists of 27 million consumer records randomly sampled each month from the credit reporting agency’s national consumer credit database.

While the government has launched efforts to stem foreclosures, those moves are not yet reflected in data, Carson said. Banks are also trying to work with consumers to reduce problematic mortgages, but falling home prices are feeding the problem, he said. “We do know from everything we’ve found out in the last year is that the primary driver on mortgage defaults is negative equity,” he said. When homeowners owe more on their mortgages than the houses are worth, data show a higher likelihood that consumers will simply walk away, he said.

California is the state with the highest average mortgage debt per borrower, at $356,421. West Virginia has the lowest, at $96,243.

Lenders are trying to address some negative equity issues with refinancing, but Carson said data shows the rate of redefault on modified mortgages “has been very high, primarily because of negative equity.”

Find Secrets to Refinancing your Upside Down Mortgage ……

“This article has been out for several months now and this are constantly changing. Find More information at my new home page Refinance an Upside Down Mortgage”

March 4, 2009

Upside Down Mortgage: Obama’s “Making Home Affordable” Program

“This article has been out for several months now and this are constantly changing. Find More information at my new home page Short Refinancing

Get Upside Down Mortgage Help

The Obama Camp is launching the “Making Home Affordable” program designed to help homeowners who are Upside Down on their mortgage.

The details of the program are not all available but they do lay out the required paperwork and a few guidelines.

“It’s not intended to prevent every foreclosure or to help every homeowner,” a senior Treasury Department official told reporters. “It’s really targeted at responsible homeowners.”

I guess the hidden good news is that if you have an Upside Down Mortgage and you are paying you payments on time this is the plan you have been waiting for.  No more sneaking around or trying to force something down the throats of the lenders.

“I’ve just seen so many of the programs not work,” said Pava Leyrer, president of Heritage National Mortgage in Randville, Mich. “It gets borrowers hopes up. They call and call for these programs and we can’t get anybody to do them.”

Read More about “Making Home Affordable Program“…….

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