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Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right person to represent you in negotiating your home purchase is a major decision. Whenever you see the designation of REALTOR® (with a registered trademark) it means that person is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR), and has a commitment to meeting the standards of this organization. My team and I have a great network of professionals who have done wonderful jobs for our clients in the past. We can therefore refer you to a qualified representative who will get you pre-approved to shop as a cash buyer.

How can you determine which REALTOR® is right for you? Look for an experienced Real Estate professional who works with buyers on a regular basis. A real pro will go the extra mile to look out for your best interest and gain your respect. Sincerity is the key word here. This type of agent will act promptly to get you information about their team and method of doing business, along with quotes and references from past clients.Once you have set an appointment to meet with the Real Estate Agent and his/her team, they should be rolling out the red carpet for you. You should be personally introduced to each person you are expected to have contact with throughout the buying process. They should make an effort to establish a long-term relationship with you instead of treating you as a one-time transaction. An experienced buyer’s representative will ask many questions regarding your goals rather than telling you what they think you want to hear. He/she will also take your finances into consideration in order to help you make the purchase you qualify for. A good agent will seek to exceed your expectations in every way by having a system in place that provides complete customer satisfaction.

How can an experienced REALTOR® help you?

An experienced professional will have access to the computerized Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which changes daily. He or she can provide you with new listings to consider as they become available, and will also include important demographics and market value information on the area you are seeking to buy a home. It’s important to let your Real Estate Agent know what your goals are so he/she can eliminate the listings that do not meet your criteria. An agent will serve as a strong ally, negotiating on your behalf and providing guidance every step of the way. In the long run, using a trained professional will save you time and money. Likewise, it is equally important to let my team know what your goals are so we can provide you with financing that fits your current and long-term goals. Our job is not just to close a loan for you, but also teach you how to manage that debt in the future. We use an extensive database system that allows us to run reports and determine when refinancing is most appropriate and beneficial.

My team and I remain on top of current mortgage trends and monitor rates on a daily basis. In addition, we have a support network of Realtors®, CPAs, Financial Planners and Credit Repair Consultants to lend you additional assistance.

The Lastest Market changes have caused us to look for Real Estate Agents that are debt counselors as well.  One of the best agents I know is a specialist in Sacramento Short Sale Agent!  He is fantastic at his job and not everyone is going to be his client but if you are one of the lucky ones then you are in for a treat.


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