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December 14, 2009

Negative Equity Mortgage – HAMP Program


Negative Equity Mortgage Solutions – HAMP Program

Shellie Hatfield and I go into great detail on how to properly handle a Negative Equtiy Mortgage using the HAMP program.  We cover the criteria in great detail and even dive in to the Streamline refi program.

HAMP program visite by On The Money Radio Show.

TG-421: Obama administration Kicks off Mortgage Modification …

November 30, 2009. TG-421. Obama administration Kicks off Mortgage Modification Conversion Drive. WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today kick off a nationwide …

Obama Administration To Admit Failure Of Mortgage Modification …

Throwing good after bad is not a practice that generates long term success and prosperity. In fact, the unintended consequences and costs of dysfunctional.

Status of Efforts
• 63 servicers had signed participation agreements for the first-lien modification program;
• More than 1.3 million solicitation letters for HAMP loan modifications to borrowers;
• More than 328,000 HAMP trial modification offers to borrowers;
• More than 209,000 HAMP trial modifications had started;

. . . and of the 209,000 mortgage modifications (.3% of total homeowners) started in the country, how are we doing?

  • 1,080 borrowers had successfully completed the trial period and received HAMP modifications.


HAMP – Another Federal Foreclosure Bailout Plan In 2009, the Congress and the Obama administration revealed their newest plan to help families save their homes from foreclosure by encouraging mortgage modifications. This plan, called the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was designed to create broad guidelines for the mortgage industry on modifying loans, as well as provide incentives to lenders and servicers to offer modifications. … hamp “foreclosure bailout plan” …
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December 10, 2009

Negative Equity Mortgage

A negative equity mortgage has a real impact on your overall financial picture. There are only so many different ways you can overcome thousands of dollars of negative equity mortgages before you are facing being broke.

Here are some good articles that discuss various issues surrounding Negative Equity Mortgages:

Most Borrowers with Negative Equity Have ARMs

And analysts at Amherst Securities Group warn that negative equity is a much more significant predictor of defaults than unemployment. As of the third quarter of 2009, First American CoreLogic found that most borrowers with negative equity have ARMs originated between 2005 and 2008. The borrowers… Subscribers have free access to the archives. … Get the free IMFnews e-newsletter sent to you every Wednesday. You’ll get the top mortgage news from all our publications.

New negative equity mortgage offers a lifeline – Walletpop UK

The experts will all tell you that negative equity isn’t a problem for life. You just sit tight, ride out the tough times, and eventually the price will edge back up to what you paid for your home. In most cases it only takes a couple …

Calculated Risk: Negative Equity Report for Q3

The average value for all properties with a mortgage is $270200, but properties in negative equity have an average value of $210300 or 22 percent less (Figure 8). The average mortgage debt for properties in negative in equity was …

Divorce yourself from your home!

So, take Professor White’s advice and just say No to negative equity. But don’t just walk away! Fight your foreclosure to gain leverage and possibly force a meaningful modification of your mortgage. The first step is to treat your house …

Real Estate Forecast for 2010

Mortgage experts speaking before the House Financial Services Committee have all concluded the Obama administration’s mortgage modification program is “destined to fail” and doesn’t address the issue of negative equity. …

My mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, sent me an application for the …

Anyway, I have an ARM mortgage that will NOT adjust until 2014. I have negative equity thanks to the wonderful market. My appx value is probably around k and I owe about k. My interest rate is about 8% but with zero PMI with a monthly …

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