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September 23, 2006

Real Estate Opportunites and Realizing your Dreams!

So are you tired of hearing about the “housing bubble” and that Real Estate is doomed?  I know I am, Where are all the positives and what about the great run up in housing prices and how we really needed a breather.  There are some obvious statistics that do go to show the Real Estate market is changing but are there some positives out there for certain people.

I thought I would put together a list of opportunities that today’s Real Estate market has available and how to best utilize the tools you have to leverage these opportunities. 

  1. The First Time Home-buyers Market is seeing some of the best opportunity in years.  Seller are doing anything they can to unload their properties often paying upwards of $15,000 in closing costs to help the buyers into the market.  I have seen it time and time again, a buyer paying nothing to buy a new home, that is ZERO dollars out of pocket and skip a months rent in the process.  There has never been a better time. 
  2. So if you own your own home and need to sell you won’t get what your house was worth not even 6 months ago!  This is a fact!  Now another fact you may want to consider, If you were thinking of buying a house with another 1500-2000 square feet larger now is the best time ever because of the dip in housing prices.  A home that you once considered out of your price range could now be well within your means simply due to interest rates staying relatively low and housing prices coming down long enough for there to be some sensational deals.
  3. OK if you are a Real Estate investor this is your moment.  It wasn’t the past few years when prices were racing to all time highs and you could buy a house and the value would go up $100K in six months.  Now is the time to find value, true buy and hold investment deals, short sales that I covered previously and most importantly the bail out deals that are everywhere.  If you don’t think this is the time then do some homework and you will see that more money will be made in Real Estate investing in a down market than in a booming market.  More foreclosures, people willing to do most anything to get out from under higher payments and those avoiding financial struggles including foreclosures and bankruptcies.  Seize this time and you will find some incredible deals out there.
  4. If you are fast approaching retirement years this could be the moment to reevaluate your financial picture and set a course for financial independence.  An equity analysis could unlock some potential and pad the investment accounts like never before.  Most people plan to pay their homes off only to use that equity as retirement.  If this is the case why not be proactive and use the equity earlier.  With a small shift in thinking and a shift in Mortgage terms you could go from paying the house off by reducing the principle monthly or accumulate a large enough chunk of money using equity repositioning.  With this method you would pay equal amounts to your investment accounts as you would to reduce your principle in order to capitalize on compounding interest.  This method will not only accumulate more dollars than paying principle, it will show you a path to wealth creation that you may have never thought possible.

The next time you hear reports telling you that the Real Estate market is going under, think opportunity.  I have always liked the saying, “if everyone is headed down the same path doesn’t make it the right path!”  I think you can learn a lot from that statement because if you take advantage of these time you will be heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd because you saw opportunity where others saw a failing market.

Thanks for visiting my site.  I have a team of mortgage professional who specialize in helping my clients move up from First Time Home Buyer through home ownership in retirement years making sure that every step of the way is handled with my clients short-term and long-term financial goals in mind.  You mortgage should be more than just a payment it should help you achieve a financial goal.  That’s where I am at my best, helping my clients reach their financial dreams.  You can contact met through my website ( or email


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